Where is Big Red?

By: Farmobile


In this episode, we discuss what it means to have a digital strategy on the farm and how we can translate data into decision. Mark is a Precision Ag Specialist at the Great Bend Coop, where he combines his love for agriculture, obviously, and technology to help growers realize sustainability, return on investments.

Here are my key three takeaways from my talk with Mark (and we talked a lot!):

1 – Especially in years with unpredictable and challenging weather (like this year), having data to inform go-forward decision is a huge advantage. Even more importantly, having access to that data quickly, before it’s too late to make a decision. It’s all about turning observation into action at the right moment. The value of usable data the next day is king. And it’s more than just one decision –– it’s the ability to understand what worked and what was right, and inform decisions to come.

2 – Lots of growers and retailers are investing in new varieties of seeds, new pesticides and more, but it’s hard to tell whether you made a good investment if you’re not tracking the data and making apples-to-apples comparisons. That’s the key right now, figuring out ROI and whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth.

3 – There are so many incredible advantages to having a digital strategy on the farm. One, death to the thumb drive. Two, having the application data. Three, and one that folks often forget about, is fleet management and logistics. Sometimes improving your yield is as simple as finding out your fleet is spending too much time idling. It’s just wasted money, and an easy win to keep costs down in application.

Of course, we talked about a lot more (death to the thumbdrive, anyone?) so take a listen! And we’ll see you back for the next episode of Truckin’ with Jason.

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