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Farmobile App

Collect. Share. Sell. Farm data management is complex and the return on investment is difficult to calculate. With the Farmobile platform data collection and visualization is completely passive. The free Farmobile app delivers best in class, real-time fleet management and the industry-changing Electronic Field Record (EFR).

It begins with PUC. PUC is the small orange box with integrated cellular and GPS. It plugs into your machine’s diagnostic port, listens to the sensors, and sends the engine and agronomy data each second to your Farmobile dashboard account. This is your data, collected independently, standardized by Farmobile, and made available to touch and share through the Farmobile app.

With Farmobile’s simple harnessing system, a PUC can be connected to most machinery as well as aftermarket electronics. This includes those available from Ag Leader, Raven, or Trimble.

Begin to collect, store, touch, share, and sell your farm data today with Farmobile!

Farmobile Notes App

When planting or harvesting, every second counts. Farmers often don't take the time to record their many in-field observations or management changes. But those details MATTER to performance.

The good news is the free Farmobile Notes app remembers even when you don't. It lets farmers — who use Farmobile PUC to collect-share-sell field data — to easily capture and attach details and observations via mobile or smartphone devices to their Electronic Field Records (EFR).

After downloading the Farmobile Notes app to a mobile or smartphone device, farmers can send a text or photo image which is time-stamped and tagged with geospatial metadata. Geotagging allows Farmobile to pinpoint the exact location on the EFR where the content or photo was recorded. The content can be easily viewed on the EFR using the Farmobile Dashboard in-cab with a mobile device, computer or laptop.

Synced to the EFR, the Farmobile Notes app truly does provide farmers with an all-in-one, easy-to-use, solution to generating a more complete picture of what's happening out in the field — as it happens.