One farmer earned $17,952 for his Electronic Field Records (EFRs) in 2016.

Data is among the most valuable crops harvested. The Farmobile Data Store makes fair, secure farm data transactions possible for the very first time.

How does the Data Store work?

1. Equip your machinery with a PUC

Farmobile's Passive Uplink Connection (PUC) device makes it effortless to collect agronomic and machine data. PUCs can be installed in 15 minutes or less, and then automatically uploads real-time data to your secure Farmobile account. No extra work required.

2. Certify your EFR data

As you work in your field, Farmobile automatically builds an Electronic Field Record (EFR). Twice a year, at the end of your planting and harvest season, you can certify your data for purchase. Doing so will put your EFRs in the Data Store, where buyers can come to you.

3. Harvest new revenue

Data is the infinite commodity. You can sell it multiple times to different buyers each season. Its value compounds year-over-year. Turn on new farm revenue streams by licensing the data you are already collecting.

EFRs are the new data standard

Compare more than 40 attributes to learn which factors can reduce costs and improve yields, or lead to your next big deal.

We provide farmers ownership and control of their data with built-in ROI opportunities.

Farmobile collects more data points than anyone else in the industry giving decision-makers the best information possible. All records are sourced directly and rigorously certified to ensure their quality.

Are you a farm partner?

Data could help you in your business

Connect directly with farmers

The Data Store makes it possible to procure high-value, comprehensive farm data directly from farmers for the first time. In 2016 alone, over 4,000 electronic field records were collected around the nation. Come shop with us.

Source mission-critical data

Our network of farmers collect more data from more machines than anyone else. The Data Store gives you more granularity, more density and more data points than ever before. We certify all data to ensure that it is accurate and complete.

Unlock your competitive advantage

Farm data can be leveraged to harvest new insights, power business intelligence dashboards, inform predictive risk models, improve underwriting, conduct innovative R&D, and build new products. Data adds value for agronomists, seed & equipment dealers, co-ops, insurance and others.

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"Farmobile has figured out a source of income for farmers that isn’t dependent on the weather."

"Farmobile is one of the first three companies to obtain the Ag Data Transparent Seal of Approval from the American Farm Bureau Federation."

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