Farmobile Launches Data Store

Minnesota Farmers Get Paid $2/Acre for Completed Electronic Field Records

Farmobile is proud to offer the world's first data store to fairly compensate farmers for their digital assets.
We are launching our pilot program in Minnesota and plan to expand to other geographies soon.


Minnesota, The Land of 10,000 Lakes


2016 Crop Year

2016 Guarantee:

Farmobile splits data revenue evenly with farmers and will guarantee $2/acre for completed 2016 Electronic Field Records.

What Data is in a Completed EFR
and how is it collected?

Equipment Compatibility:

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ROI Example:

Suppose a farmer has 1,000 acres of corn and 1,000 acres of beans. Farmer leases a Farmobile PUC for data collection at $1,250/PUC/year under 3-year lease agreement. A data buyer pays $8,000 (2,000 acres x $4/acre) for this data set. Farmobile evenly splits $8,000 with the farmer, resulting in an ROI of $2,750 (see image below) in year one. Farmers will also be provided a Farmobile account and have access to our real-time dashboard, as well as our historical data views and daily activity reports.

Farmobile is in contact with data buyers for $1,000,000+ in data sales and guarantees Minnesota farmers $2/acre.

Own, License and Sell your data

Farmobile Electronic Field Record (EFR)
Farmobile Data Store

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