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Watch current activity as it happens.

Your Farmobile subscription includes a PUC – a small, in-cab device that collects machine and agronomic data every second. View your current and historical farm data via the Farmobile Dashboard – anywhere, any time.

Boost operational efficiency and insights by sharing field records and reports with your agronomist, insurance agent or co-op.

OPT IN TO THE DATA STORE ... for opportunities to sell a license to your Electronic Field Records to approved third party buyers. You own the data, so you should profit.

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The Farmobile PUC is a small device that installs in minutes on farm machinery. Once installed, PUC automatically collects data every second. PUC collects more data elements (agronomic and machine data) than any other technology and automatically populates your EFRs.


Farmobile securely stores these data layers making it easy to view your fields in the Dashboard, on desktop or mobile, anywhere, anytime. This makes it easy to share your EFR layers with trusted partners, such as insurance agents or agronomists to get them the information they need, when they need it.


Data becomes the infinite commodity as you sell single-use licensed copies to multiple buyers. By certifying EFRs in the Dashboard, they become eligible for sale, giving you a new revenue stream. The Farmobile Data Store is the first online marketplace where farmers can choose to sell their digital assets to vetted third-parties!

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Standout features


An EFR report includes your field-by-field agronomic data, year after year. PUC captures sensor data and automatically organizes your information inside field boundaries. Farmobile presents your data in an easy-to-read field-centric format. Your EFRs are hosted securely by Farmobile and can be accessed through your secure account. Our tools provide the ability to share your EFRs with your network of advisors or, if you choose, sell single-use licenses through the Data Store.Learn More >>

File Transfer

Imagine. What if you or your agronomist could digitally transfer prescription files directly to an operator in the field? All Farmobile-subscribers can digitally share real-time,collected data and EFRs with trusted advisors. Additionally, with File Transfer you can:

  • Transfer files across all iron colors
  • Remotely upload prescription and documentation files and directly transfer them to machines and operators for immediate use
  • Send files directly from the Farmobile Dashboard
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How it works


PUC is a small device that installs on most brands of machinery in minutes.

PUC listens and wirelessly sends second-by-second data points to your secure Farmobile account.

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A world-first, our Data Store allows you opt-in and sell a single-use license of your EFR to vetted buyers - additional revenue for your operation.

With Farmobile, the farmer owns their data and are the ones that directly profit from it.

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Subscription Pricing

  • Real-time machine performance + location
  • Field based activity layers – plant, spray, harvest
  • Inputs – seed varieties
  • Share your data with trusted advisors
  • 6 CAN channels for mixed fleet data collection
  • LTE cellular – USA, Verizon plan
  • Harnessing – breakout to collect data from 1+ systems
  • Universal File Transfer

$1250/year; 3 year subscription - USA
$1500/year; 3 year subscription - Canada

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