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Watch current acitivity as it happens.

PUC is a small device that rides in your cab to gather your machine and agronomic data. View your digital information in the Farmobile app or the Dashboard – current or historical – from anywhere at any time.

Boost operational efficiency and glean new insights by sharing data layers and reports with your agronomist, insurance agent or co-op.

Coming Soon: Accept offers to sell your Electronic Field Records (EFRs) to approved third party buyers via the Data Store. You own the data so it’s always your choice to sell it.

Farmobile Benefits


The Farmobile PUC is a small connected device that you can install on farm machinery in minutes. Once installed, PUC will automatically collect data from connected cabs every second. PUC collects more data elements (agronomic and machine data) than any other technology and automatically formats to an EFR. Farmobile securely stores these data layers making it easy to view your digital fields in the Dashboard.


Access or download EFRs anytime through the Farmobile Dashboard or from your mobile device. This makes it easy to share your EFR layers with trusted partners, such as insurance agents or agronomists to get them the information they need, when they need it.


Data becomes the infinite commodity as you sell single-use licensed copies to multiple buyers. By certifying EFRs in the Dashboard, these EFRs become eligible for sale, giving you a new profit opportunity. Farmobile is creating a marketplace where farmers can choose to sell their digital assets to vetted third-parties for the first time.

Don't forget your Apps

Farmobile App

The lifeblood of the digital-ag economy is quality farm data straight from the field. Take your digital information with you at all times with your connected device. The Farmobile app is a full feature app that contains all elements of the Dashboard.

Farmobile Notes App

The PUC is a magical data collection tool — geo-tagged and time-stamped — each second of engine and agronomic information is recorded and displayed. Sometimes, though, you might want to enhance that data with additional content. In seconds, you can add photos, text notes, or audio records that are geo-tagged and time-stamped. Importantly, view and share these notes in the context of your EFRs so that you can have all data in one place.

How it works.

Farmobile unifies disparate farm data so you can store, share and profit.

Collect from Mixed Fleets

PUC is a small device that installs on most brands of machinery in minutes.

PUC listens and wirelessly sends second-by-second data points to your secure Farmobile account.

Download list of machine & sensor info

Manage & Share Your EFRs

Farmobile builds standardized field-by-field data cards called EFRs (Electronic Field Records), the data standard for digital agricultural. Share your EFRs with those you trust. Your data is easy to view and share via the Farmobile app or Dashboard and automated daily reports.

ROI via Data Store

Implement a digital strategy with a clear ROI. The Data Store Guarantee of $2/acre revenue return is widely available in 2017. Then choose to deploy your independent dataset for services you subscribe. Digital assets accrue value over time, don’t leave 2017 in the cab.


Collect your data. You can do this.

$1,250 per PUC per Year


  • Cellular data plan
  • Full feature access
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Software updates
  • 24/7 technical assistance

* Tractor, Sprayer, Combine not included