S2: Trip 1 – Extra Mile – Know the hidden cost of idle time

By Jason Tatge | Oct. 9, 2020

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Everybody knows Greg Peterson, a.k.a. Machinery Pete as the blue-book for farm equipment. For over 30 years, farmers have relied on his auction expertise and services. As an on-line machinery guru, Greg has the “inside track” on what’s hot and what’s not in the used equipment market; but it’s much more than that. He packs a lot of farming wisdom and business economics into every conversation because, for farmers, it’s not just an equipment purchase — it’s an investment in their operation. How well their machines perform out in the field can impact how fast or how efficiently a crop is planted, nourished and harvested.  And, that’s EVERYTHING.

In the Extra Mile from Jason Tatge’s road trip with Machinery Pete the “story-behind-the-story” is about the huge potential of defining the hidden costs of idle time!

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