S1: Trip 4 – Extra Mile – Goodbye thumb drives

Farmobile editors | December 23, 2019

Editors note: Take a look back on this year’s observations from the road trips with Jason Tatge, Farmobile CEO .

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Real-time data is a growing trend in agriculture today. Ag retailers are demanding to have true insights into their operation that lead to efficiency. Using thumb drives to track data is unreliable and time-consuming, that’s why Farmobile created true real-time fleet management. LIVE data collection and visibility allows the ag retail operations manager to make adjustments while their operator is still working in the field. See how ag retailers and farmers are saying goodbye to thumb drives. 

Watch The Extra Mile from Jason Tatge’s road trip with Andrew Gladden, chief information manager for Luckey Farmers Cooperative. In a “story-behind-the-story”, they discussed how thumb drives are unreliable and an out-of-date way to track work completed on a field.

Jason: Tell me how you guys are using Farmobile PUCs from a commercial and grower standpoint and the differences?

Andrew: We have Farmobile PUC devices on our commercial equipment, spreaders and sprayers for custom-application. We utilize the LIVE data collection for our dispatchers. We have great dispatchers who are monitoring our operators. The thing that’s unique about Farmobile data is the real-time data collecting; it allows us to visualize where that machine is and how much and where it is applied. Being able to see where a mistake could’ve been made right away before the operator leaves the field saves us so much time.

We aren’t having to make a trip out to the farm to collect the data from the monitor then drive back to the office to see if any data is missing. 

Jason: Get rid of the thumb drives! 

Andrew: Yep, you got it. Get rid of those thumb drives!

Andrew: From a grower perspective, they have some of the data layers — spread, plant, tillage and harvest, but they don’t have all the layers. We (the co-op) have some of the data layers they need to complete their data sets (by field). Farmobile is the link that connects all those layers together in one place. We get a whole picture of an operation.

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SPECIAL THANKS to Andrew Gladden and Luckey Farmers for coming out on the road with us! To learn more about them, visit their website here.

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