SIMPLICITY™. Farmobile's answer to the complex, closed, costly, and difficult-to-use systems for gathering farm activity.


Fertilizing & Tilling







From fertilizing to harvest, each crop year many types of activity cover the same ground. Farmobile's Simplicity™ system captures and saves all your activity in an Electronic Farm Record... even if you don't use Variable Rate Technology (VRT).

It's connect-and-forget simple!



Passive Uplink Connection

PUC - Passive Upload Connection

A PUC relays data from any make and model of ISOBUS or J1939 equipped machinery. You connect a provided cable into the diagnostic port in your cab and center an antenna on the roof. That's it! Your data is relayed to your EFR. Zero interaction necessary.


Electronic Farm Record

EFR - Electronic Farm Record

Your EFR is a complete record of all your farm activity. There are no forms to fill out or jobs to setup. PUC data is collected, sorted, and saved for you automatically whenever there is field work. Your EFR is then enhanced with other data such as weather and markets. It just works.


Profit From Your Data


Your EFR is a valuable measurement tool for your operation. It can be kept private, but sharing your EFR makes it more powerful. Share either anonymous or identifiable data for access to real-time benchmarking with other EFRs and industry reports. Best of all, sharing earns you income from Farmobile. It's your data. The choice is yours.

Become An Early Tester

We're accepting applications for a limited number of test customers. Each test customer will have privileged access to our technology for an entire crop year. They will also have a chance to influence improvements. It's a huge opportunity. We'll call you to discuss how best we can work together.

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