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Our technology helps farmers free data from their equipment cabs and improve efficiency and profitability with a collect-share-monetize strategy. With automatic Electronic Field Records (EFRs), farmers can gain real-time insights about their operations and easily share data with trusted partners to unlock their farm’s full potential.

Data is among the most valuable commodities a farm produces. The Farmobile DataStoreSM, a secure exchange that connects farmers with data buyers, is the first and only place to license data for a new farm revenue stream.

OUR MISSION – #FarmerPower

We believe data is one of the most valuable things a grower harvests, and yet too many of our neighbors around the country give their information away. No one should ever know more about your farm than you.

From Big Ag to Silicon Valley and back again, the race to gather farm data is on. Some genetics companies, equipment manufacturers and freemium startups want an informational edge to target your margin. It’s time to protect your data like the significant asset it really is.

Farmobile empowers farmers with data driven technologies and a collect-share-monetize strategy that farmers trust, prefer and love. We help farmers easily interact with their data, negotiate from a position of strength, and steward their land for generations to come.

We’re from the farm ourselves. Proudly based in Leawood, Kansas — in the heart of the Midwest, we built Farmobile from the ground up with hard work and nothing to our name, except a love of agriculture, the ability to write code and a deep desire to make a real difference. We are staunchly pro-farmer, pro-data rights, and pro-innovation. We’re staffed and backed by incredibly talented people that think the same way you do.

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