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Technology for agriculture's future

We are dedicated to freeing data from the field and cab, standardizing it and creating shared value for farmers and channel partners.

Collect + view live
fleet data

Watch multiple machines collect second-by-second source data from a mixed fleet.

Share with trusted advisors

Secure quality data with one-click exports — .csv, .shp or GeoJSON — and API options.

Monetize your data

With the Farmobile DataStore℠ farmers can choose to license their data for a new revenue stream.

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YTD: 04.02.2020

6,255 acres

Week Ending: 03.26.2020

4,613 acres

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Patented blockchain technology ensures data transparency

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Trust is the new currency in agriculture. What questions should you be asking?

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DEMAND MORE FROM YOUR DATA. Farmobile’s advanced technology delivers a collect-share-monetize digital strategy.

OUR PASSION. We specialize in collecting second-by-second agronomic and machine data from a mixed fleet. And, we organize it into a portable data standard for live viewing, easy downloads, API streaming and permission-based sharing with trusted advisors.

OUR MISSION. We offer farmers revenue-generating opportunities through the Farmobile DataStore℠.

View live data

The Farmobile DataEngine℠ — a powerful platform to ingest, standardize, view and share farm data — redefines how you interact with data in a digital world.

Connect direct (API)

The Farmobile DataFeed℠ — APIs stream standardized data from Farmobile to third-party systems.

Generate revenue

The Farmobile DataStore℠ — 1st ever digital exchange connects farmers with data buyers for recurring revenue.

Share files wirelessly

Universal file transfer virtually connects all of your machines — wirelessly share from office to cab.

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