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Farmobile simplifies data from machines to decisions.

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Simplicity PUC

A considerate approach and price.
A PUC is unlike any fleet-management system ever made. Simple, versatile, and affordable it was designed to delight. Each PUC is ready-on-arrival. Installation is amazingly simple. Like magic, remote updating just happens. Best of all, the price includes a cellular data plan we manage for you. It works conveniently so you can focus on your work.
  • Ready-on-Arrival
  • Simple to Install
  • Remote Updating
  • Priced with Data Plan
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Stay close to the people and resources you care about.
A PUC is far more than a data collection device-it keeps what's important in view. One day it's an alert to a breakdown. On another it coordinates machinery movements for harvest. People and resources you care about are the heartbeat of your operation. Each PUC is equipped with a precise GPS receiver and reliable code to keep your finger on the pulse. Most importantly, monitoring your operation's health is easy through real-time, simple-to-use web and mobile apps.
  • Operation Heartbeat
  • Precision GPS
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Web & Mobile Apps
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Electronic Farm Record
Growers create an Electronic Farm Record, or EFR, when they subscribe with Farmobile. An EFR is a vault that stores a Grower's crop-story. Chapters are added passively to the Grower's crop-story by each machine with a PUC.
  • Complete Crop-story
  • Electronic Farm Record
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