Founders & Execs

Jason Tatge

Co-Founder & CEO

Jason Tatge serves as CEO.  Jason has been a driving entrepreneurial force behind leading internet & Ag-Tech companies for over 15 years. His previous company, Farms Technology, created an electronic marketplace to automate grain transaction and risk management processes, offering automated hedging algorithms accessible via smartphones and tablets. Farms Technology was purchased by DuPont/Pioneer in December 2012.

Following the successful exit of Farms Technology, Jason became intensely focused on using IoT devices to passively collect data from farm equipment as farmers operate on their land. Half of U.S. farmers leave this valuable data locked in their machines. Farmobile was created to provide Farmers with real time access and ownership to their farming information.

Jason earned a degree in Financial Economics from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter MN and an MBA from The Fogelmen School at The University of Memphis.  Jason served as the Pipeline Member President, and is actively involved with the Entrepreneurial community. Jason and his wife live in Bucyrus, KS and have two children.

Heath Gerlock

Co-Founder & Director of Business Development

Heath Gerlock grew up row-crop farming and raising a variety of livestock in Southwest Iowa. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, his brother, sister and their families continue to farm. The challenges of farming during the 80’s and 90’s cultivated creativity, resourcefulness, a strong work ethic, and a passion to solve agriculture challenges. Heath pursued a career in technology in 2000. In the decade following he successfully deployed hardware, internet, and mobile technology solutions for healthcare, agriculture, weather, finance, and ministry non-profits. Heath has honed skills in a variety of design disciplines ranging from traditional print, interactive displays, and mobile and web user interfaces. He is passionate about Agriculture, simplifying user experiences, and creating technology entirely in service of the customer.

Randy Nuss

Co-Founder & Director of Engineering

Randy grew up and attended school in the Cornhusker state. His engineering pursuits have lead him to positions in the PC, cellphone, automotive, and healthcare industries. Randy has used his expertise in embedded systems and communication system design to develop products for HP, Intel, Stanley, Samsung, and Motorola. Working in the Ag industry has allowed Randy to get his boots dirty -literally. Driving over 70,000 miles to farms, and getting on hundreds of machines, Randy has learned a few things. His goal is to normalize data from a lot of disparate systems, so it can be collected and managed in a single place. The precision Ag landscape can be confusing, but Farmobile is working hard to clear up the picture when it comes to data. Randy knows there is always another machine or system out there to be learned, and he’ll be on the road to figure it out.

Kenny Conklin

President & COO

Kenny Conklin has been involved in finance, technology and startup companies for over 15 years. Before Farmobile, he was a founding employee in 2005 and an SVP for BATS Global Markets, which on any given day is the largest stock exchange in the U.S. and Europe. He led much of the company’s European expansion, was instrumental in the research and development for BATS Options and led Sales & Marketing efforts as an account manager, sales manager, and VP of sales. Previous to joining BATS, Mr. Conklin held positions as a software developer at Tradebot Systems, software engineer at Cerner Corp., and spent the first several years of his career as a financial analyst and commercial lender for Bank of America and Firstar Bank. Mr. Conklin holds a bachelor's degree in economics and business from Kansas State University and also earned a master's degree in computer science, with honors, from the University of Kansas. He resides in Olathe, KS with his wife and three children.

Jessi Kingsbury

Secretary, Treasurer & CFO

Jessi has an extensive background in Finance, HR, and startup-to-success tech companies! Prior to joining the Farmer Power team at Farmobile, she was a founding employee and CFO of BATS Global Markets, a Kansas City based global stock exchange. She led accounting, finance, and human resource functions from BATS’ inception in 2005 and through its national and global high-growth stages. Previously she held the positions of Controller and Equity Trader at Tradebot Systems, a proprietary trading firm. Jessi graduated from the Bloch School of Business at the University of Missouri – Kansas City with degrees in Finance and Economics. Jessi and her fireman husband live in Kansas City, MO and are the proud parents of three incredible kids. With the support of her family and colleagues, Jessi is driven to empower personal and company growth as we put the true value of real-time data in farmer’s hands.

Support Team

Jeff Pio

Director of Customer Support

Jeff = Making Farmers Happy! Tech should not be a burden for the farmer; Jeff works to make sure all needs are taken care of. After all, farmers have more important things to focus on!

Brad Sweet

Director of Firmware Development

AKA the Director of Farmer Happiness, and former office ping-pong champ (dethroned to Jon), Brad is also a master trouble-shooter who makes sure that the system is running as happily as all of our farmers. | 844.337.2255