S1: Ep3 – Quality Data Matters

By Jason Tatge | November 26, 2019

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Editors note: To no surprise, my ride with Steve Cubbage, Record Harvest president and Farmobile vice president of services, was as informative as it was fun. Here are my key three takeaways from my talk with Steve:

1 – We act like agtech is a new field, and that’s just flat-out wrong. Agronomy pros like Steve have been tinkering with technology to get better insights and visibility into farmer operations for decades. There’s a lot that folks like Steve can teach us.

2 – With the boon of food recalls and increasing demand from consumers about transparency into the food they’re eating, ag data has the power to help farmers protect themselves and their operations from unfounded allegations about the quality and provide evidence of their yield as well as the crop protection used on those crops.

3 – Creating a digital strategy on a farm requires a time-commitment  of at least thee to four years to build up a backlog of data to start driving the insights to improve yield and profitability.

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SPECIAL THANKS to Steve Cubbage and Record Harvest for coming out on the road with us! To learn more about Record Harvest, visit the website here.

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